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Accessories make the outfit!


I went on a little shopping trip to Liverpool the other day.  As well as some other bits and bobs (I’m sure they’ll be making an appearance soon!) I got this lovely vintage silk scarf.

I do love to use an accessory to start my outfit and so this scarf was my fun way to build my outfit.  I’ve recently changed my hair colour again as part of a plan to end up with multicoloured pastel waves by the time I go to the Twinwood festival in August! At the moment it’s lilacy blue so I decided to curl most of my hair and pin it back, keep a full fringe and tie the scarf around my head…

I also decided to play about with a soft lilac and pink shimmer eye makeup, slicked on some mascara and a tinted lip balm.

The jumper and jeans are both old reliables for me – the jumper is Primark and the jeans from Oasis.  The biker jacket is from an outlet store and has no label.  I liked how the hair and jumper made the jacket lean more towards its purple colour than the grey.  To finish it off I decided on a jazzy pair of Manolos.  I love the brocade of these shoes and the stones at the front are so cute!  O, and really comfortable! Great for a quick run around the shops before a day of (yuck!) washing and cleaning!



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