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Olaplex and bleach!

So, as I said yesterday, I have recently changed my hair colour again! Yup, it is a pretty regular occurance in my world but up until now I haven’t had to worry too much because I have had my hair so short that it didn’t get too damaged.

However, I’m now trying to grow it out so that I can have it styled when I am at the Twinwood festival. And apparently repeated bleachings won’t help that happen! I was resigned to (ick!) being a Brunette for the next few months, until I realised that 14 days was too long for that and used colour b4 to get rid of the brown dye I’d applied!

But what solution is there? As the blue and green were so dark that I wouldn’t be able to go lighter without bleach. And any more bleach on the ends would probably melt them off! The answer was Olaplex.  It’s a new treatment that can be used on its own or mixed in with bleach to mitigate the effects.


The simplified explanation is this – Hair is made up of keratin – long chains which bond to eachother to form polymers (yup that stuff you talk about in GCSE chem).  Bleach breaks the bonds between the keratin making the hair brittle.  What Olaplex does is reform the bonds and repair any old breaks.  This keeps your hair strong.  Most treatments up until now are more focused on the cuticle (the outside of your hair).  By keeping the fat content there high, the scales will stay flat and protect the inner cuticle.  But when you wash your hair you remove this each time and go back to square one!

It was quite hard to find anywhere local to me that did Olaplex and wasn’t insanely expensive.  Finally I found Olivia James Hairdressing – a new salon that has been around for just over 2 months.  Olivia has been hairdressing for 12 years and has been using Olaplex with great results….

new hair

And it has worked really well on my mane too! My hair feels in better condition now than it did before! The colour lifted really well and when I do it again in a few months we’ll be removing the last of the blue tint that was left from the blue green colour and then will weave in the colours so that it looks like this!




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