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Bit of a tart!

God it’s been a busy couple of weeks for me.  Work has been a bit (ok a lot) busy and I’ve reverted to my usual response to stress and exhaustion… online shopping.  Terrible I know but I just can’t help myself.  However, I have now gone a whole day without shopping so yay me!

One of the main reasons for the hectic times is that we have been planning, organising and putting on a Summer Garden Party! We had just finished doing up our outside area and saw that the Queen was putting one on for £150 per person and thought we could do a better job charging £10! And we sensibly planned for the rubbish British weather!

It was a good thing we did too! As the weather was not particularly pleasant so we all snuggled up inside!  The important part out of all of this? What on earth to wear?! Well I doubt anyone is surprised that I had had my eye on a dress and just was waiting for an excuse!

This is the Collectif Maddison dress in the lemon print. Isn’t she dreamy? Collectif made several items in this print which are still in stock.  You can get this from other places still (which is what I had to do for my size!) The dress is a lovely fit, the one HUUUUUGE issue (which is a common thing!) is the damn invisible zip! It has been happening a lot to my Collectif clothes recently that the zip is sewn too close to the fabric meaning that it is an absolute nightmare to do up! A friend had to redo the stitching around the seams to make it do up properly.

Group shot at the end!

I paired it with my very first ever pair of Manolos – Egidia in green suede.  I’d seen them in a copy of Elle magazine and was OBSESSED! So when my parents took me to the shop for my 20th birthday… well I just had to have them (and in the cobalt blue in the January sale haha)

The hair flower was handmade by a lady that I found on Facebook. I love the pop of colour(not so keen on the action photo of me singing along while serving desserts!)


I’d shown the lady who does my nails the dress a few weeks before and let her go wild and do something that went with but wasn’t identical to the dress.  This is what she surprised me with – lovely right?

Dancing to the singer!

All in all a wonderful (if tiring) day! I do smile when I see all the pictures! Dodgy face pulling and all!


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