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Prancing along the Promenade!

“Good friends are a lot cheaper than therapy” (I should know I have both!)

Some days you just need a lazy day with a great friend!  With the lovely weather up here (haha southerners for once we have had the sun!) it was an ideal day to go for an ice cream sundae, a leisurely lunch and some sitting in the sun!


And what is better to wear than along the seaside but a nautical themed dress! The Ginger Sailor doll is from Collectif.  As you can see I’m not wearing the matching white belt here.  Why you ask? Because Collectif insist on giving you belts which just slide! It’s so infuriating! You put it on, walk along in it, look down…. it’s undone. And repeat every 5 minutes until you are so annoyed you rip it off and shove it into a handbag! Shame because it looks really nice with it!

With a large floppy hat, a white kelly bag (charity shop) and white wedge flops it was a perfect outfit for a day in the sun!


O yeah, there’s a load of parks by the beach too…… this is me attempting my sexy pose. And failing miserably!

Dress – Collectif old season (similar)

Shoes – Primark old season

Bag – Charity shop

Hat – H and M old season (similar)


2 thoughts on “Prancing along the Promenade!

  1. Could you potentially find an alternative belt to go with the dress? I think it really finishes of the outfit. How’s the whole running thing working out for you?


    1. I know it really does. I didn’t realise how annoying it was until 30 minutes out of the house (so 6 refastenings!). I’m getting all 6 belts (all collectif) altered so they will have a prong and buckle! Until then I’m sure I have something hidden away that’ll work!
      Running isn’t really going, my left knee got hurt when dancing and it decided to give out a quarter of a mile into it the other day. Giving it a rest and starting back up slowly in a couple of days!

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