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Show me how you burlesque…

Last weekend was a bit of a crazy one for me. I foolishly agreed to perform with a couple of other ladies from the chair burlesque class at a vintage fair.

It was absolutely terrifying! The torrential rain on my way there didn’t help my mood, and neither did the zip breaking on the playsuit i was wearing (primark is not always a great shopping choice!)

I am having a complete freak out in these pictures but think I’m hiding it well! Alas for the majority of the day it was no liquids for me as I had to be sewn into the playsuit! It was such a long zip that we decided I’d be a little different and have a key hole back. Then my dance fishnet tights ripped at the top….

Thankfully all of this meant that the performance itself went really well!  And as a little reward I am now the proud owner of this handbag!

2016-07-01 22.10.33.jpg

Lesson here? Sometimes it is a good idea to throw yourself into something that you would normally run away from. Performing was absolutely terrifying but the support from my friends and the other people in the crowd meant it was nowhere near as awful as I expected!


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