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Hello lover…..

One of the highlights of my year (sad to admit!) is the twice yearly Manolo Blahnik shoe sale. It is in store only and I have only missed one of them in the last 10 years! It is always so exciting for me, I always have a habit of getting there a few hours early to look through the window, drool over the shoes and talk to fellow addicts! It’s one of the few places were people don’t think my shoe obsession is a bit ridiculous! If you are willing to have a good look and are bot desperate for the latest style you can get some absolute bargains as well!

2016-07-01 16.49.39

These shoes are actually from Spring 2014. I have no idea how I missed them until yesterday but I’m now very glad I did as they were a last pair and cost me only £75! Why go shop on the high street?! These are a similar price but much more interesting and rare!

When getting ready this morning I knew these were the first of the sale purchases that I wanted to wear. I had an inkling that a certain lindybop dress would work with them when I first saw them and thankfully they did!

I love the slight contrast between the shoes and the dress but how they still work together because of the tones of green. Pop on a trench coat and it was the perfect ensemble for a little wander around the shops! Now which of the other pairs to wear next…..

Dress – Lindybop Ophelia (last year)

Shoes – Manolo Blahnik Agapax (Spring 2014)



2 thoughts on “Hello lover…..

  1. omg that price is *crazy*!!!! i can’t believe i missed that sale 😦 these shoes are so beautiful and unique! plus it’s always fun to freak out amongst fellow shoe lovers 😉
    instagram: the_ch1ara


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