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Following my nose!

In 2011 I split up from my boyfriend.  I’d wasted most of my 20s on him and was feeling very down.  So I did what any sensible woman does and implemented a makeover!

So I chopped my hair shorter and dyed it bright red, bought a load of clothes in Oasis, and spent an obscene amount of money on shoes! The final stage of this makeover was perfume.  Tom Ford had always fascinated me with his fashion and so I went to sniff Black Orchid.  Annoyingly instead I fell for Jasmin Rouge, from his insanely expensive Private Blend collection.  And I have used it daily ever since.  One bottle lasts just over 2 years so it doesn’t seem too expensive in cost per spray.

4 years on I have got itchy fingers and wanted to try something new.  Last week I happened to read about a new Tom Ford launch – Soleil Blanc. My mum happened to buy the body oil version of it while I was in London and having smelt it (and smothered myself in it – it’s sooo moisturising), I HAD TO HAVE IT!  It arrived yesterday and it is my new joint favourite with Jasmin Rouge.  It smells like how I would imagine a really expensive and decadent summer holiday would.  The scent lasts for ages (as does Jasmin) and the packaging and bottle are both divine.

In honour of the smell I decided to put together a really simple look that screams money.  I then realised all my money is invested in shoes and that however hard I try I just can’t do simple and chic – I’m a brash northerner through and through!

T shirt – Primark

Jacket – Primark  (old and dyed pink from white to cover red wine spillage!)

Trousers – Matalan (old)

Shoes – Manolo Blahnik

Hat – Primark



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