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WWDD – Keeping hydrated

One thing that Dita Von Teese swears by is drinking lots of water. In the morning with lemon, out of a bottle during the day…. She even has made a video about it!

When I started WWDD this was one of my biggest challenges. Where I work can get very busy and when running about serving people etc you tend to lose track of the time. And so to help me with this I started to make myself drink 3 bottles of water in work. In the recent days that has gone up to 5 or more (we recorded the temperature inside on Tuesday and it was hitting 40oC!) . And it has worked really well! The main bits I noticed from this experiment were –

1. I started needing to go to the toilet A LOT at first. Like every couple ff hours. I swear the other staff thought I had cystitis or something! After a few days this stopped. Thank god.

2. My skin was in better condition. I don’t have huge problems with spots etc but I do get a couple from time to time because of the air in work – going in and out of a kitchen where lots of food is cooking (especially chips!), the washroom being really steamy, the front of house being hot and dry.  The increase in water has made my skin much smoother and glowy! Handy when you are was sleep deprived as I am!

3. I have drunk a lot less Dr pepper/ fanta etc.  This made me realise how much I was relying on caffeine and sugar to get me through the day. I had a few days when I had really bad headaches at about 2:00 pm and later realised it was due to this. I started to drink a can of diet coke or diet Dr pepper at lunch and gradually weaned myself off that too. I still adore Dr pepper but now I have it much less! Which saves me some calories too! As does…

4. I’m eating less chocolate! Like it’s still a main food group along with cake but I have definitely cut back!

Now that I’ve got into this good habit and my knee is finally healed from the evil running, I’m planning to follow her lead and up my exercise and improve my incredibly unhealthy diet. If only because I have so many pretty things in my wardrobe that I can’t currently wear due to weight gain… Wish me luck!


2 thoughts on “WWDD – Keeping hydrated

  1. I know some coffee shops which actually have it in writing that the barback role involves keeping the baristas hydrated.

    But on the whole I believe that one should eat and drink largely what one wants to. If you feel good at heart then you will naturally be healthier.


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