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Taking a bow!

“Whenever you wear your hat your day will be special” Margo Nickel

It was one of those days today. You wake up and instead of summer sun like you had planned for it is grey and the rain is that annoying misty type that just gets everywhere!  And so to cheer myself up I decided to follow the very good advice above…



I knew it was the right thing to do when I hadn’t made it to the end of my road before I was given a compliment! And as I had such a fabulous piece on my head it was necessary to ensure the rest of the outfit was also up to standard! Apparently it was and even when the sun came out later on I still felt weather appropriate.

It was nice to hear my grandmother approve of the ensemble when we went out for lunch. Like me, she has no filter so any compliments are definitely meant!

Headband – Pearls and Swine

Dress – Collectif (aut/wint 2015/2016)

Jacket – Hobbs (very very very old!)

Shoes – Manolo Blahnik (Spr/sum 2016)

Bag – Original late 50s/ early 60s in local charity shop




4 thoughts on “Taking a bow!

    1. I know! It sounds a bit daft but I love the noise they make when you close them! They are so classic and last so well. I’ve got a fair few waiting to be used over the next few weeks (and unworn shoes….o what to wear first?! Hahaha)

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