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Flat out fabulous!

“Treat your makeup like jewelry for the face.” Francois Nars

Apparently it was National Lipstick Day last Friday!  This completely missed me as I was too busy rocking my giant bow and celebating my dad’s birthday  (what to get a shopaholic’s father? An amazing shirt of course!) Also every day is lipstick day for me!

A new favourite of mine is Mac’s Flat out fabulous  . Mac call it a bright plum but I think it’s more of an orchid colour. It’s one of their retro mattes which is a formulation I like because it stays on my face all day when in work! I always pop some lip balm on too (but I do that with all lipstick) which stops it being too drying.

Yes I did build this outfit around my lipstick and why not?! This colour is so amazing it deserves to be the centre of attention! And as someone asked me if I had had my lips done with this on (in an admiring way not a eeeek trout pout about to explode way!) I think it was a well deserved choice!


Dress -Lindybop (I wore adifferent belt with dress)

Shoes  – Manolo Blahnik “campari”

Bag – Charity shop bargain!



4 thoughts on “Flat out fabulous!

    1. Carrie in SATC – when she was in the vogue fashion closet she came across a pair of black patent pair of this style of shoe. And squealed “i thought they were an urban shoe myth! ) Anyway he does them in different fabrics/colours etc each season. These were from the most recent collection. ..

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