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New beginnings…

There’s no place like home” Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz!

The last few months have been challenging to say the least. I have had some fabulous times but also some awful. And so I haven’t really felt like writing.

However, I have recently moved into my new home. It’s a brand new two bedroom flat with balcony, which means I’ve given up shopping whether I like it or not!

The room I am happiest with is the spare bedroom. Also known as my walk in wardrobe! I’ve always wanted the space for one but London rents are obscene. I’m paying half the amount up north for at least triple the space! And this is known as an expensive part of the North West!


I wanted an Old Hollywood/ art deco theme to this room and I think I’ve achieved what I was after.  The wardrobes are a steal and the delivery was really speedy. The company tend to do offers fairly regularly as well so it’s always worth waiting a couple of weeks.

Yes all 4 wardrobes are full … That’s normal right?!

The sofa bed is a prototype made for Next a few years ago. It is soooo comfy which is why I love it. If I want to sit and look at all my clothes it might as well be somewhere comfortable right?!

The lamp, light fitting, curtains and mirror are all from Dunelm. The curtains where another bargain – reduced to something like £15 because the plastic packaging was slightly damaged! The curtains themselves where in pristine condition! Well worth a look at the reductions rail in store if you have the time!

Sooooo pretty!

The thing I have been most excited about was the wall of shoes. These are 3 of Ikea’s “kallax” units. They were very easy to assemble and just perfect for what I was after. There is still space for more (I might be quitting shopping but I’ll always rather starve and buy Manolos!) which was something I’ve been in desperate need of!

All that’s left for here now is a rug! But that can wait until I have accumulated some funds for it! I’m thinking something lilac to work with the pictures I have up (if you are going to have am A1 sized framed picture of yourself this is the place to do it right?!)

By having everything spaced out and within easy reach, I’m hoping that I will mix up my outfits a bit more and so feel less of a desire to shop. Fingers crossed it works…


3 thoughts on “New beginnings…

  1. That’s sad news Steph, I hope it won’t be a permanent farewell. It has been great to read your writing and I’m sorry that my break from blogging meant that I missed this post until now. Take care my dear.


      1. Perfect timing to be free to be out and about again, I always love your adventures and hope that one day I’ll see more. In the meantime please feel free to keep in touch, rather than posting my personal email for the world to see, if you want to drop me a message on instagram @meinstilettos


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