Stopping shopping

Wearing the wardrobe

Well it’s been a while (again!) since I last wrote. For the simple reason that I had gained so much weight that NONE of my clothes fitted (except for work trousers and t-shirts and they’re not particularly photogenic!)

As I have 4 double wardrobes packed with clothes this seemed a crime! And so after many half hearted attempts over the years I pulled my butt into gear and ditches up to weight watchers. I chose them over slimming world for the simple reason that there was a class a 5 minute walk from my flat. So no excuse to not go! I am someone who needs an incentive as I’m too lazy to do it otherwise. And a weigh in in front of another person, no matter how lovely, will certainly do that!

So after 12 weeks this is the change…


I’ve lost 1stone and 6lbs and am gradually getting back into all me pretties! The above pics are particularly satisfying as I had fallen in love with the fitted dress in April but didn’t feel comfortable buying it. So I got the equally lovely full skirted collectif  dress instead. And I did feel nice at the festival of vintage in York wearing it. But when there was a sale with an extra 50% off a few weeks ago I closed my eyes, crossed my fingers and bought the Ines wiggle in a 10. I couldn’t believe it fitted! And then I saw these 2 photos next to each other and couldn’t believe how much my face had shrunk!

Anyway, I will be posting again on a regular basis now I have some nice clothes I can actually wear!

P.S. I was very serious until I realised….It has POCKETS!!



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