Stopping shopping

Feeling Rosy!

The first dress that I truly felt like “me” in was a Vivien of Holloway full circle halterneck dress. It was the first time I’d found something that fitted both my waist and my bust. Although I have expanded dramatically my vintage style clothing collection since then, if I want to feel truly special then I wear a Vivien.

They were also the first things to not fit me anymore when I gained the weight so they’ve spent a LOT of time in the wardrobe calling to me. And so now? Why save them just for best?!
Yes I wore this to the supermarket and to run some other errands. I was very much “overdressed” compared to everyone around me. But so what?! I felt good! And following the saying “if you smile the whole world smiles with you” I was stopped and complimented so much! It reminded me how nice it is to have someone you don’t know go put of their way to say something lovely. And I’m inspired to do it more myself.

Dinner (part of the reason I was at the supermarket!) was a cheese burger with carrot chips. Healthy, on plan and delicious!
Dress and petticoat – Vivien of Holloway

Shoes – Manolo Blahnik


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