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Recipe – salmon breakfast parcel

Since starting weight watchers I’ve been really enjoying cooking. It was something I used to really love but it had fallen by the wayside in recent years.

Breakfast is something that I find a bit boring so have been trying to come up with different dishes that are quick, easy, tasty and ensure I won’t get bored! If I don’t eat breakfast I’m more likely to snack on unhealthy options later on.


This salmon parcel is only 8sp and also helps with my carb cravings with half a slice of toast!


First place cling film in a ramekin and spritz with light oil spray. Crack an egg  and place into it then wrap the cling film tightly. Place the parcel into boiling water in a pan.


Put more cling film into the ramekin. Weigh out the smoked salmon you use as you wrap it around the ramekin.

Slice enough bread that will cover the ramekin. Weigh and then toast.


Weigh the flesh of an avocado. Mash up with some lime juice and a dessert spoon of light mayonnaise.


Take the egg out of the boiling water (about 2 minutes!) Unwrap the cling film and place into ramekin. Put avocado on top and around it then smooth the top.


Top with toast. Invert the ramekin onto a plate. Use cling film to make sure the parcel comes out intact.

Top with another dessert spoon of light mayonnaise.

EAAAAAT! Have some fruit as a midmorning snack. Don’t feel hungry for rest of the day.. Yay!


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