Stopping shopping

Ice cream in Carmen

Sometimes you feel like stepping a bit outside your comfort zone. When the collectif sale came round I was incentivised to try a new style of dress after seeing a load of people buying it in a Facebook group I’m part of and then raving about it.

The dress? Carmen.  When it first arrived and I tried it on I was a little unsure. Its a much softer print than I’m used to and pretty boobalicious! However, it feels so soft! And that means a lot to me! Anyway, I have boobs so what’s wrong with having them on show!


So I thought I’d take the dress to a local ice cream parlour on a day off. Definitely not on the weight watchers plan but I haven’t been sleeping particularly well recently so decided I deserved a treat. And it’s mainly fruit so that’s okay right?!!


And to follow? A lovely walk along the beachfront where I live. Bliss! And perfect in this weather!

Dress – collectif

Hair flower – ASOS

Shoes – Manolo Blahnik




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