Food and cooking

Stuffing my face with souvlaki!

A few weeks ago my friend introduced me to a brand called spicentice. They do these amazing spice and herb mixes with recipe cards. They had a 20% discount so I bought a tonne of different ones to try.

I added the chips and wedges mix to some carrot batons to make 0sp “chips”.  It’s really tasty and kills my chips cravings which is very handy!


The souvlaki mix is also gorgeous. So much I had it 2 nights in a row! All you do it marinade the chicken with it, lemon juice, garlic, olive oil and water. I cooked mine in a pan coz I’m lazy but the instructions said to use a grill.


I mixed up a tzatziki using 0% fat Greek yoghurt and added that to the wrap.


A tabouleh using cauliflower rice made sure I was completely stuffed! And the total sp value? Only 12!




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