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“I finally figured out the big, elusive secret to weight loss. Don’t eat! Who knew? Richelle E Goodrich

I love food. Like all food.  But especially cake. And ice cream. And biscuits. And anything sweet!

Because I ate reasonably healthy meals I very gradually put on the weight. I’d tell myself that I was bloated, that’s why the dress that fitted last month no longer did. Anyway eventually at the end of May I finally gave myself a kick up the bum and joined weight watchers. The first time I stood on the scales I was almost sick. 13 stone 10 lb. I’ve never been that heavy! Anyway 17 weeks later I’ve now lost a stone and a half! Or 21lb. Or 19 bags of sugar!


So if anyone is thinking of joining weight watchers, here are my tips!


Each morning I input my meals for the day. And a mini bag of chocolate buttons  (Steph needs her choccy!). As the day goes on I then add any extras. It means I stick within my points allowance and makes me really think about what I’m shoving in my mouth!

2. Attend meetings

Meetings are so so important. I’ve tried (and failed) at losing weight before. I’d do really well for a few weeks then get bored and eat the cake! By going and weighing in I have the incentive of keeping on track. I’m naturally competitive so this really does work for me. Also everyone at the meetings are so lovely that it really helps!

3. Cook!

By cooking everything from scratch you can weigh and ensure everything is properly pointed. I use recipe cards that we get each week at meetings and every now and then I get a smart kitchen box (a box with all the ingredients and recipe cards for 5 meals for 2 people)

4. Breakfast – eat it!

If I don’t eat breakfast I get the munchies mid morning. And that ends badly! So I make sure I get up 15 mins earlier in the morning and make myself something nice to eat!

5. Exercise

Weight watchers encourages an active lifestyle. My job means that I’m on my feet all day. I’ve been doing extra walks in the summer and now that things in work have got quieter I have time to go to 2 exercise classes a week. I know that exercise also holds my demons at bay. Which as bonfire night is a very traumatic time of year for me will definitely come in handy!

I’ve got 14 more weigh ins between now and Christmas. My aim is to lose another stone so that I’m 11 stone 4 lb. Something I haven’t been since I was a teenager! I know I can do it if I focus so here’s hoping by putting it out there I will!




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