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Crazy for Quiche (cups!)

“The differences between a tart, a pie and a quiche are a blur.” Yotam Ottolenghi

Being a coeliac I have to be pretty careful what I eat.  Being a coeliac on Weight Watchers is worse because gluten free bread etc has so many points! Okay I know its because it has so much sugar and fat in it to try and make it taste nicer, but still! I’m loathe to eat them for the reason that I can’t then eat chocolate!


I saw a recipe idea for quiches using ham as the “pastry” and cooking them in little muffin/cupcake tins the other day. Thank god for random Facebook posts! The idea appealed because I thought I could cook a load of them, have a couple for lunch fresh out of the oven and then store the others for breakfast before work for a few days.  Weekends in work are so busy that I love anything that enables me extra time in bed!

I put 3 slices of thin ham in the bottom as a case.  On top of that I shoved some finely chopped onion.

Next I grated 15g of cheese for each quiche and added that to it.

In a bowl I whisked 3 eggs and 150ml of semi skimmed milk (for 6 quiches – didn’t want to make too many in case i hated them!)  This got poured into the ham cases until they were full.

I popped some sliced baby plum tomatoes onto the top and shoved into the oven at Gas Mark 5 for 30 mins.  When it looked nearly done I knocked it up to Gas mark 7 for another 10 mins just to crisp the tops….


I think they look pretty good!  Only 3sp per quiche cup and 5sp for 2!  I had 2 with salad and some lemon mayo for my lunch (0.5 tablespoon of lighter than light mayo mixed with juice from a quarter of a lemon) meaning my lunch was a total of 5sp! Win!


I’m looking forward to grabbing these over the next few days. And it means more points for chocolate!


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